There's no such thing as a typical week on the circus!

Our schedule includes a variety of venues and technical requirements, so each week can be quite different from the last.

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Academy students will constantly learn new work-related skills as they perform the general tasks that touring requires, such as tent construction, costume repair, water and electrics set up, props maintenance and much, much more.

To give a rough guide as to how a week on tour might look....


Day 1: Move to our event venue, set up the living quarters and mark out for the tent construction.

Day 2: Build-up the big-top and take the rest of the day off for skills practice, shopping or sightseeing.

Day 3, 4 & 5: Up to nine hours of scheduled training, rehearsal and circus duties each day.

Day 6: Morning training and public performances through the day with “open-ring” practice in the evening.

Day 7: Morning training and public performances, then dismantle the big-top and pack down to move on.