Details and dates of courses will appear here when confirmed.


The gala events at which the ACA appears are an integral and important part of our training program, and the collected event fees help support the Academy’s operating costs. This allows us to keep our tuition fees considerably lower than they would otherwise be, currently £3,500 for the course.   A limited number of bursaries are available to all applicants - please see below and email us for more details.

Students must pay a deposit of £200 against potential damage to equipment, props, vehicles or accommodations. This is refunded at the end of the final day of the course and is forfeit if you leave the course before this time.  We also ask for a £100 payment towards costumes, which remain students’ personal property after the course.

Students must have their own public liability insurance providing £2 million cover and we can offer advice on finding an appropriate insurance policy, which currently costs around £20 through Equity.

Please note that all fees must be paid in full and cleared prior to the course start date.


All applicants may apply for a bursary. The present economic recession has reduced the availability of funding or sponsorship from arts bodies and similar organizations, and we’re delighted that we are still able to have a number of bursaries available. In the main, these are offered by individuals from the circus industry who wish to help new talent, and who are concerned that the expenses of training may exclude some applicants.  

If you would like to apply for a bursary, please write for us a brief summary of your reasons, up to 250 words.  This should explain clearly why you would like to be considered for a bursary, as well as how you hope to benefit from our training course or intend to use the skills and experience you hope to gain.

UK students can also apply for funding through Arts Council England, and you may contact them and their regional offices via and we're happy to offer general advice on seeking funding.

From April 2015 the British Government has required that most people visiting the UK pay a Health Surcharge to allow access to the National Health Service (NHS) in the same way as a UK resident.  Please see the UK Government website for more information on the Immigration Health Surcharge.


Any student joining us from any country outside the UK must provide either proof of payment of this Immigration Health Surcharge, or proof of appropriate private medical insurance before coming to England, and we recommend that you budget for this as part of your course costs.

The ACA offers students accommodation in a bunk-room, at a cost of £500 for the course. These are either small individual rooms, or larger, shared rooms. Each room has bunk beds, cooker, sink and storage space and offers good, basic accommodation. There is a community shower room for student use. As with the course fee, the accommodation charge must be paid in full before the start date.

Alternatively, students may choose to provide their own travelling accommodation: for example, a small camper-van, motor-home or caravan (trailer) with a car or van for towing it.  This option will require you to hold a valid driver’s license, as we cannot be responsible for moving private accommodations.

Students' other costs are largely food and general living expenses such as laundry, cleaning supplies and personal items. We supply a What To Bring for Living list of recommended items to bring to the course for general living uses.

During the course, students often decide to buy items like make-up, costuming and equipment specific to their chosen skills; for example, specialized tights for trapeze, specific shoes for tight-wire or distinctive juggling clubs. We have tried to include as many of these items in the What To Bring for Training list but students may also wish to budget for these extra costs.