Nikki Silks 2
Jesse HoopLaLa2
Twix Juggling
Jo Contortion 1
Karin Clown 1
Jackie Straps 1
Raphael Hat Juggling
Stef Usher at CB 2015
Steph K Hoop
Jane Ringmaster

Our record speaks for itself:  ACA graduates have performed with circuses around the world, including

The American Three Ring Circus, Arnett & Paulo's Circus, Bassline Circus, BBC Television, Beechman Circus, Birdcage Factory, Big Kid Circus, Billy Smarts Circus, Brian Boswell's Circus, The Bulgarian State Circus, Butlins, Carson & Barnes Circus, Chaplin’s Circus, Charles Chipperfields Circus, Circo Solary, Circus Berlin, Circus Gerbola, Circus Hilarious, Circus of Horrors, Circus Laboratory, Circus Latino, Circus Markus, Circus Mondao, Circus of the Kids, Circus Olympia, Circus Sunshine, Circus Rambo, Circus Rapscallion, Circus Ricardo, Circus Silver, Circus Smirkus, Cirque Berserk, Cirque Berzerk, Cirque Mechanics, Cirque du Normandie, Cirque du Soleil, Courtney's Circus, Culpepper & Merriweather Circus, Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship, Duffy's Circus, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The Famous Foolhardy Circus, Foolhardy Folkcircus, Flynn Creek Circus, Giffords Circus, Gilbert & Paulo's Circus, The Great European Circus, Happy's Circus, Hippodrome Circus, Jay Miller's Circus, John Lawson's Circus,  Justin’s House, Palma de Mallorca, Paulo’s Circus, Pavilion Theatre, Peter Jay's London Festival Circus, Philadelphia School of Circus Arts, Pinewood Studios, ProShow Productions, LEGOLand, LIFE on Wheels, Loritz Circus, The Magic Circus, National Circus Project, Rose Events Morocco, Russells International Circus, Santus Circus;John Derbyshire, Swamp Circus, Voltini Circus Sideshow, Zippos Circus.

Our graduates appeared in the aerial performances at the Millennium Dome and many have continued in the entertainment industry in theatre, film, television, theme parks, resorts and cruise ships.  Others have progressed to teaching at other circus schools, and several ACA graduates have gone on to create their own successful circuses, entertainment companies and training centers, including Gifford’s Circus, CircusMASH, Flynn Creek Circus, The Youth Circus Project, Upside Down Acrobatic & Circus School, and Avva’Laff Productions.